How to Read the Ratings

The three-number rating that accompanies each campground listing gives readers an at-a-glance assessment of a campground's amenities, cleanliness and environment.

All three ratings categories are measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Less than 1 percent of parks or campgrounds receive the coveted 10/10*/10 rating, which indicates superior facilities that are well maintained and clean, with well-appointed restrooms and a highly appealing appearance. Campgrounds are inspected annually by dedicated RVers like you.

Completeness of Facilities


The first campground rating evaluates completeness and quality of facilities. In this category we rate interior roads, sites, registration area, hookups, recreation, swimming, security, laundry, store and internet access.

Cleanliness and Physical Characteristics of Restrooms and Showers


The second rating category concerns the cleanliness and physical characteristics of toilets, walls, showers, sinks/counters/mirrors and floor. If a park achieves a full point in each of the above, it receives a star (*), indicating exceptionally clean restrooms. Also rated are physical characteristics of restrooms, including interior construction, adequate supplies/odor free, adequate number of facilities, exterior appearance and location in relation to park spaces, and interior appearance.

Visual Appeal and Environmental Quality


This category addresses the park's setting and site layout, function and identification of signage, overall exterior building maintenance, noise, trash disposal, litter and debris around the grounds and sites, and appearance of grounds, sites and entrance area.

Depending on the kind of camping experience you would like to enjoy, the Woodall's rating system sets out to help you choose a park that meets your needs by helping you understand the amount of development that a park has and how well it is maintained. Woodall's ratings are considered by many RVers as the most reliable ratings available because of the lack of subjectivity that is permitted. For a sample evaluation form and even more detail about the Woodall's rating, visit your local AAA office and pick up a Woodall's/AAA camping guide, which outlines the rating in the How To Use this Directory Section.